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ROYALIN 3.0 inch Bi-LED fog light projector lens with adjustable bracket for Ford Toyota and Nissan.


Size 3.0 inch
Color Yellow, White, Green
Driver Side Flat Cutting
Certification CE
Warranty 24 Months

Product Details:

  Royalin F5 Bi-LED Fog Projector Lens The fog light lens is not the same as the headlight lens. Fog lamps (whether in the front or in the rear) are not mandatory and are considered auxiliary lights. But without a fog light lens, it will much more dangerous in heavy fog, rain, and other weather conditions that reduce your visibility on the road. Our bi-led fog light lens has a high beams and low beams which make your driving much safer.


Size: 3.0 inch
Wattage: Low Beam 45W/pcs, High Beam 55w/pcs
Input Voltage: 9V-16V
LED Chips: Taiwan chips
Lumens: Low beam 5000LX @4M,
High beam 600LX @4M,
Color Tempe.: 6000K/4300K/3000K/4800K
Material: Full metal body design.
Waterproof: Waterproof but can not work outside.
Inverter: External Inverter
Life Span: 30000hrs
𝕴 Advantage: Dual core with two LEDs and the make it the brightest one in low beam and high beam.


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