Royalin mini H1 2.5 inch bi led projector lens


Size 2.5 inch
Voltage 9-16V
Wattage 55W
Certification CE
Beam Pattern American Standard
Lumen 4500LX@4M/Pcs

Product Details:

The Mini H1 projector lens is the most popular projector lens in the car headlight retrofit market. My company also designed some models with mini h1 2.5. inch led projector kit. C6 is one of the best with dual-core chips and provided nice lighting on road. Size: 2.5 inches, Low beam: 45W/pcs, High beam: 55W/pcs, Input Voltage: 9V-16V(Dual-core), LED Chips: Taiwan chips, Lumens: Low beam 5000LX @4M, High beam 5500LX @4M, Color Tempe.: 6000K, Material: Aluminum reflectors bowl, Metal body, Cooling Style: Fan Heatsink Built-in, Inverter: External Inverter, Life Span: 30,000hrs, Advantage: The smaller size in the 2.5-inch led lens. Dual-core, two led chips, and two reflector bowls. High power high lumen.

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